Mr. Md. Liton Ahmed
President, Global Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI)

Message from the President

Dear Members, Partners, and Friends of the Global Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI),

It is with great pleasure and immense pride that I extend my warmest greetings to you all as the President of the Global Chamber of Commerce & Industry. It is both an honor and a privilege to lead this esteemed organization, and I am deeply committed to advancing our mission of “Bringing the World Together.”

GCCI stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity in a world that is increasingly interconnected and interdependent. Our organization has a rich history of fostering global connections, promoting trade, and driving economic growth. We have come a long way from our humble beginnings, and today, we are a powerful force for positive change on the international stage.

As we navigate the complexities of the global business landscape, it is essential to remember that our strength lies in our unity. Together, we have the power to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and create a better future for all. It is our duty and responsibility to ensure that our collective efforts contribute to the well-being of communities around the world.

At GCCI, we believe in the transformative power of trade and collaboration. We recognize that businesses, large and small, play a vital role in shaping the world’s economic landscape. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with the tools, resources, and support needed to thrive in today’s competitive global marketplace.

Our organization is more than just a network; it is a global community of like-minded individuals and businesses dedicated to making a positive impact. We celebrate diversity, champion inclusivity, and actively promote sustainability and corporate responsibility. These values are at the core of everything we do, guiding our actions and shaping our vision for the future.

In the coming years, GCCI will continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of international trade. We will actively engage in policy advocacy, support entrepreneurship and innovation, and facilitate meaningful connections between businesses and trade organizations worldwide. We will strive to be at the forefront of discussions on global trade, advocating for policies that are fair, equitable, and conducive to economic growth.

I want to express my gratitude to our dedicated members, partners, and the entire GCCI team for their unwavering commitment and hard work. Together, we will embark on a journey of progress and prosperity, leveraging our collective strength to make a lasting impact on the global business landscape.

I invite you to join us on this remarkable journey as we work tirelessly to “Bring the World Together.” Your ideas, your passion, and your dedication are invaluable assets as we strive to achieve our shared goals. Together, we can create a world where businesses thrive, economies prosper, and communities flourish.

Thank you for your trust and support in GCCI. I look forward to working closely with all of you to write the next chapter in our organization’s storied history.

Md. Liton Ahmed
President, Global Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI)