Member Services of Global Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI):

  1. Global Trade and Investment Facilitation: GCCI can help its members to access new markets, identify potential partners, and navigate the legal and regulatory frameworks of different countries. GCCI can also provide its members with information and advice on trade and investment opportunities, trends, and challenges. GCCI can also issue certificates of origin, ATA carnets, and other documents that facilitate cross-border trade.
  2. Policy Advocacy and Representation: GCCI can represent the interests and views of its members in various international forums and platforms, such as the World Trade Organization, the United Nations, and the G20. GCCI can also advocate for policies and reforms that support the development and competitiveness of its members. GCCI can also provide its members with access to influential decision-makers and stakeholders in the public and private sectors.
  3. Networking and Events: GCCI can organize and host various events and activities that enable its members to network and interact with each other, as well as with other business leaders, experts, officials, and media. GCCI can also facilitate the formation and operation of business councils and groups that cater to specific sectors, regions, or issues. GCCI can also invite its members to participate in trade fairs, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, webinars, etc.
  4. Education and Training: GCCI can provide its members with education and training programs that enhance their skills and knowledge in various aspects of international trade and investment. GCCI can also offer its members access to online courses, publications, resources, and tools that help them learn and grow. GCCI can also certify its members’ qualifications and competencies through professional development programs.
  5. Dispute Resolution Services: GCCI can offer its members dispute resolution services that help them resolve their commercial disputes in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective manner. GCCI can provide its members with mediation, arbitration, conciliation, or other alternative dispute resolution methods that are neutral, impartial, and confidential. GCCI can also provide its members with legal information and assistance on various matters related to international trade and investment.